Hustler magazine cartoons


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  1. Daikazahn -3554564 ago

    Was up mami

  2. Zulkis -3817364 ago

    I change by not changing at all...

  3. Mibar -3817364 ago

    You like to video chat your hubby can watch

  4. Zolorr
    Zolorr -3817364 ago

    So disgusting. I heard about a woman that presented "purity papers" to her dad at her wedding. Her OB/GYN confirmed her virginity before her wedding. I respect the fact that she waited for marriage but that's between her and her fiance, not her dad's business.

  5. Vura
    Vura -4076564 ago

    Be careful not to cut someone's head off with those jet rivulets. ;P

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